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2013 Acura ILX Pros, Cons, Prices
And How To Get The Best
Out-The-Door Deal

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Acura has introduced an all new, entry-level, luxury compact sedan in the 2013 ILX. Smaller and costing less than the TSX, it's targeting buyers interested in something more upscale and sportier than a traditional sedan while also avoiding the higher price commitment of a typical luxury car.

Although based on the Honda Civic, the 2013 Acura ILX is differentiated by its own unique styling, more advanced engineering and interior attributes, while also being both slightly longer and wider.

Cars: 2013 Acura ILX
2013 Acura ILX

It's also available with a choice of three powertrains. The base model comes with an adequately powered and fairly fuel efficient 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine coupled with a 5-speed automatic transmission. Those seeking additional performance can opt for the larger and more powerful 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine. Also available is Acura's first hybrid model featuring a 1.5-liter engine mated with a CVT (continuously variable transmission) automatic.

Before making a final decision, however, prospective buyers should not only consider its appealing qualities, but its drawbacks as well. And if one then decides to proceed with a possible purchase, it's essential to also have a rock-solid plan for getting the best price (see the "How To Get The Lowest Price" link below).


The new ILX offers a comfortable and smooth ride, although not truly luxury-cushy.

Fairly spacious cabin for this class with decent legroom in the rear.

Appealing level of standard features which also includes a sunroof and rearview camera.

Reasonable starting price for access to the Acura luxury brand.

A well-constructed interior with high-tech goodies (yet not quite on par with traditional "luxury" standards).

The 2.4-liter ILX offers a quicker and more spirited performance, while also benefiting by a top-notch, precision-machined 6-speed manual transmission.

Above average fuel economy at 24 mpg city and 35 highway for the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. The 2.4-liter model's better performance doesn't come at too much of a gas mileage sacrifice, rated at 22 mpg city and 31 mpg highway, while the hybrid comes in at an impressive 39 and 38, respectively.

Cars: 2013 Acura ILX interior
2013 Acura ILX interior


Tacking on options can quickly negate a lot of the ILX's appealing price advantage. Alternatives could include the luxury-like, loaded versions of midsize sedans such as the Ford Fusion, the Kia Optima and the Nissan Altima, all of which are similarly priced.

The trunk is on the smallish side with its 12.4 cubic-foot capacity (about average for the segment) and its opening is somewhat narrow. Trunk capacity for the Hybrid is reduced further to 10 cubic feet due to the battery pack.

While the interior has a very high build quality, the materials quality is a step below at approximately the equivalent of top non-luxury sedans.

While the 2.4L ILX can be an appealing choice as a not quite decked out premium sport sedan and has fairly agile and well-controlled road manners, it's on the pricey side given its overall performance level and lack of upgraded suspension and steering sport tunings, as well as an automatic transmission version (all 2.4's are 6-speed manual only).

The Hybrid is on the expensive side and it's fuel economy, while very good, is not outstanding. The Civic Hybrid, for example, is EPA-rated at 44 mpg both city and highway. The ILX Hybrid also requires premium unleaded gasoline.

While the rear seat can fold down to accommodate longer items, the seatback isn't split so it does not offer the flexibility of handling both long cargo and a rear passenger.


The new Acura ILX is a generally price-friendly small sedan with a luxury-like look and feel, capable handling, good fuel economy and the premium "Acura" badge for high quality. It's negatives definitely need to be considered, but generally involve less significant factors.

How To Get The Lowest Price:

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Here's the details on exactly how to get the best price on a new Acura ILX.

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2013 Acura ILX Invoice
And Sticker Prices:

    Model Invoice Price Sticker Price
    Base $24,452 $25,900
    Base w/Premium Pkg $27,507 $29,200
    Base w/Premium Pkg + 2.4L eng. $27,507 $29,200
    Base w/Technology Pkg. $29,543 $31,400
    Hybrid $27,229 $28,900
    Hybrid w/Technology Pkg. $32,319 $34,400

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