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2013 Toyota Corolla Pros, Cons, Prices
And How To Get The Best
Out-The-Door Deal

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The Toyota Corolla has a long (40-year) and well-proven track record of providing a highly dependable and relatively affordable compact sedan with solid fuel economy. But while the 2013 version again offers more of the same and will again likely prove to be a very competent choice, the market has changed in recent years.

There's simply been a rapid advance in a number of strong competitors who have now surpassed the Corolla in terms of feature availability, performance and fuel efficiency. Vehicles such as the Chevy Cruze, Ford Focus, Mazda 3, Hyundai Elantra and newly updated Honda Civic all can make compelling arguments thanks to superior performance abilities, new feature additions, better fuel economy and fresher overall stylings, both inside and out.

Cars: 2013 Toyota Corolla S
2013 Toyota Corolla S

And although the Corolla's reliability is still unquestioned, its rivals have made significant advances in this area as well and also come with longer warranties to back it up.

So, while the 2013 Corolla will provide dependable transportation and low maintenance costs for many years, before making a final buying decision, prospective owners should not only consider its appealing qualities, but its drawbacks as well. And if one then decides to proceed with a possible purchase, it's essential to also have a rock-solid plan for getting the best price (see the "How To Get The Lowest Price" link below).


   The ride is comfortable. The Corolla's only available engine (a 1.8-liter four-cylinder that produces 132 horsepower), while not capable of robust acceleration, does provide a smooth and relatively quiet driving experience. The seating is also comfortable, even plush, while passenger room is pretty decent both up front and in the rear.

   The new Corolla's overall strong build quality remains, making for years of likely dependable and cost-efficient service.

   And related to its dependability, the Corolla has a history of maintaining excellent resale values, bringing down the overall cost of ownership over the long run.

   The Corolla's interior controls and gauges are well positioned and very user-friendly.

Cars: 2013 Toyota Corolla interior
2013 Toyota Corolla S interior


   The Corolla's acceleration is one of the slowest in its class, going from a standstill to 60 mph in 10.1 seconds.

   With it's antiquated four-speed automatic transmission, the Corolla still gets respectable gas mileage performance, but can no longer compete with the more fuel-efficient and powerful engines of some of its top rivals. The EPA-estimated fuel economy for the automatic is 26 mpg city and 34 mpg on the highway, while the 5-speed manual comes in at 27 city and 34 highway - good, but a far cry from newer competitors that now deliver 40 mpg highway.

   The Corolla's handling is unimpressive and lacks responsiveness and driver engagement. This is not a car for driving enthusiasts as there's just an absence of feeling very involved in the driving experience.

   The cabins's overall design is aged and bland, while the materials quality is unimpressive.


The 2013 Toyota Corolla once again will make a solid choice for those wanting to feel confident that their transportation needs will be met reliably and cost-effectively over the long run. But the Corolla is now an aged entry and is no longer the class leader.

For those who can wait, the 2014 Corolla will be totally redesigned in ways that address many of its current shortcomings.

How To Get The Lowest Price:

Best Negotiating Tactic: Well, there's definitely a 'best way' when it comes to new car buying. If you want to get the best bottomline, out-the-door price you need to know exactly who to talk to at the dealership, how to make the contact and how to make this person eager to quickly drop prices as low as possible to get your sale.

Here's the details on exactly how to get the best price on a new Toyota Corolla ... or any other car.

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Invoice And Sticker Prices:

    Model Invoice Price Sticker Price
    L, 5-speed manual $15,338 $16,230
    L, 4-speed automatic $16,122 $17,060
    LE, 4-speed automatic $16,821 $18,180
    S, 5-speed manual $16,896 $18,230
    S, 4-speed automatic $17,663 $19,060

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