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People are so ... well ... human.

"Wait a minute! Where you planning to go anyway?"

"Helmut ... shmelmut. Who needs 'em!"

"I think I should wake them, don't you?"

"The neighbors will never know the difference."

"See, honey. I told you there was space!"

"Hi. Can you tell me if this is the right
way to 5th and Main?"

"Harry, that's not how we change tires around here."

"People are sure friendly in this town. But I'm getting
tried of beeping and waving back."

"I'm having a bad day. It's MY apartment
that's burning too!"

"Umm ... did I mention I've got a great deal
on cement today?"

"Listen! I oughta know how to spell it ...
I spent 5 years of my life there!"

(Not a car picture ... but funny anyway.)

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