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Best Car Deals: Which Automakers Have Been
Giving The Biggest Discounts?

New car buyers who are not yet familiar with the free negotiation tool provided at would be strongly advised to check it out. I've also written more about it here.

In a nutshell, they provide a competitive quote system for consumers and have now helped hundreds of thousands of car buyers receive highly discounted offers from dealers all over the country. (Yes, this is a great way to shop for a new car ... highly recommended.)

While there's no guarantee that automakers who have been willing to negotiate their prices the most aggressively will continue to do so, it's a strong indicator that there may indeed still be some great deals available.

The following infographic lists the top 12 automakers with the biggest discounts from sticker price, also shown by region, gender, and age. Jeep leads the pack with discounts averaging 17.7% off MSRP, followed by Nissan at 15.7% and Chrysler at 14.2%. These are steep discounts indeed.

Here's the breakdown (you can also click the infographic to get quotes at for yourself):

Biggest New Car Discounts By Automaker

Still More Savings:

The secret to low-rate car loans, big insurance savings ... and more

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