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Thinking About Buying A New Or Used Car? Well,
A Retired Auto Broker "Spills The Beans".

Here's Some Money-Saving Articles:

  • How To Buy A New Car At The Lowest Price

  • You can save thousands of dollars on your next new car purchase with just a few clicks on your computer. And from the comfort and safety of your own home or workplace.

  • The 2-Minute Negotiating Tactic For Getting The Best Price

  • This is based on a free service we've all probably seen before. But we've added a simple, but incredibly effective, "twist" that turns seasoned Car Dealerships into jello ... and gets you the best possible purchase price.

  • CarWoo Review - How To Save Money On A New Car

  • If you're like the majority of people, you absolutely hate just how unpleasant the whole new car buying process is ... hours and hours at dealerships, being forced to fend off all sorts of high pressure and confusing sales tactics, uncertainty about what really is a good price and the overwhelming feeling of mistrust.

  • TrueCar Review - Should I Get Quotes At TrueCar Too?

  • How to use the free price quote system at to get the lowest possible price on a new car while also eliminating the usual car-buying stress.

  • How To Buy A Used Car At The Best Price

  • Dealer competition is the key to getting the best used car prices - how to do it, where to do it, what to say - this is used car buying made easy.

  • Used Car Buying Guide - The 10 "Can't Miss" Tactics That Get The Lowest Price

  • Use these resources readily available on the internet to totally turn the tables on Car Dealers and finally make your car buying experience easy ... and yes ... even enjoyable.

  • The Best Buying Tactic For Used Cars

  • If you've got a little more time and patience, it's tough to top this strategy when it comes to getting the best deal on a used car.

  • Dealer Tactics Only "Insiders" Know

  • How do I know? Because a General Manager of a Car Dealership has finally disclosed ALL of them. Would you like a real "insider" on your side so that you control virtually every twist and turn to get the truly "great deal"?

  • Best Carbuying Technique In Bad Economic Times

  • New car dealers are desperate for sales. They have to get large numbers of vehicles off the lot to reduce their finance charges if they are to survive. New cars are being sold routinely at invoice prices right now to accomplish this. And with some modest bargaining, we're seeing many vehicles being sold far below invoice prices.

  • Best New And Used Car Loan Sources

  • So, how do you get the best loans with the lowest rates? Getting a loan from the Dealer is almost always the wrong choice! You almost always have much better options.

  • Great Deals At Open-To-The-Public Car Auctions

  • No, unfortunately we can't get you into a Dealer-Only car auction. You'd need a license to get in. But there are public auctions YOU CAN go to. Here's some guidance on how they work as well as the opportunities to save.

  • Used Car Reliabilty Ratings

  • When buying a used car, dependability and reliability are key issues that will effect your long term cost. Some makes have great mechanical records ... others not so great. Here are used car ratings for 33 manufacturers.

  • Best Buy Cheap Used Car Sources

  • There are several options to get the best buy on a used car. Rarely do they involve just getting "lucky". All of them are going to take a little extra work on your part as a buyer. But of course, the payoff in savings is usually well worth it.

  • Car Wholesale And Trade-In Cash Values - The Inside Story

  • Determining wholesale value or trade-in value is not as straight forward as one might wish ... even for Dealers. But by understanding the various factors involved, consumers will be in a much better position to save money.

  • How To Get A Better Price For Your Trade-In

  • You're not just a car "buyer". When it comes to a trade-in, you are "selling" your car as well. Do a few things and think like a seller and your vehicle's trade-in value will increase.

  • Outside-The-Box Car Price Resources

  • Up the ante on car sellers by learning more about recent specific car sale prices than is typically available on the internet. Great ways to know the kind of prices you "should" be paying.

  • Interesting Residual Car Value Calculator

  • Having an idea of what your car's trade-in value will be a few years down the road is a big plus. And wouldn't you like to know what "experts" think will happen to the value of your car over time? These are factors that help determine the true cost of car ownership.

  • How To Buy And Sell Cars For Profit

  • Yes, there are indeed serious opportunities here whether part-time or full-time. Just about everyone buys a car every few years. There's just no question about the size of the car market and the ongoing consumer demand for the product.

  • How To Save 50% On Your Car Insurance

  • It seems like most people's eyes glaze over when it comes to learning something about auto insurance, and it's costing them. It may be boring, but spending a few minutes to review the key factors will often put hundreds of dollars into your pocket ... and into the thousands over time.

  • How To Increase Your Gas Mileage

  • Ouch. It certainly hurts pulling into a gas station these days. But here's some tips that will help ease some of the pain.

  • Best EPA Gas Mileage Used Cars

  • With no real relief in sight, it's a good idea to check for the better gas mileage cars, trucks and SUVs when considering used cars. Here's a starting list of the best gas mileage used vehicles as rated by the EPA. This is their 2004 fuel economy list, for example, and these vehicles just may be worth a look.

  • How To Import A Car Into Canada

  • Importing a car into Canada from the United States can look like a daunting task. Here's a step-by-step guide that should take some of the mystery out of it.

  • Flipping Cars For Profit

  • How to make money "cherry picking" auctions to buy and resell cars, the kinds of used cars that resell quickly, examples and pricing guidelines.

  • The True Scoop On Repossessed Cars For Sale

  • This article looks at the overall "quality" issue of repossessed cars. There may be some pleasant surprises here for car shoppers.

  • Just Plain Funny Pictures Of Cars

  • Pretty funny photos of cars in unusual real-life situations. People do the darndest things.

  • Other Car Related Car Savings

  • Look beyond just the vehicle price and also use the internet to save on car loans, car insurance, gasoline and more.

  • Public Car Auction Tips

  • More advice on going to car auctions yourself and what to expect. Yes, avoid most of the junk and there are indeed some excellent buys here.

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