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Multiple Price Quotes Are The Secret
To Getting The Lowest Price

Most people hate the entire process of buying a new car. And who can blame them? There's just so much mistrust, game playing and stress involved.

And in terms of finally getting a "great deal" after a grinding 6 or 8 hours at a Dealership? Well, most people could of done much, much better ... if they knew how ... and also saved themselves so much time and aggravation.

The fact is, spending hours at a Car Dealership is all part of the plan ... the Dealer's plan. They know they can wear you down to the point where you are so tired and weary of the process that you just want to sign the papers and go home.

And this is when most car buyers finally give in and say "yes" ... at their weakest and most tired moment ... leading to another calculated and manipulated victory for the Dealer.

Well, here's some good news. There's a much better way of buying a new car:

It's a free method that's literally at your fingertips for getting the best car price, takes just minutes of your time and avoids having to set foot in a dealer showroom until after you've agreed to your price.

And you can do it 24 hours a day from the comfort of your own home. In this day and age of high-tech, internet based car shopping, getting multiple dealer car quotes has become the #1 way smart car buyers are saving thousands of dollars ... with little or no haggling, stress or aggravation.

In a nutshell, the participating Dealers (who are just about all of them) are hoping for a quick, low-cost sale. They also know they are competing against other Dealers as well. And when Dealers compete, prices tend to drop quickly.

Savings Are Often In The $3,000 To $10,000 Range:

With a few mouse clicks, you're able to bypass the traditional Sales Departments and instead deal with "Internet Departments" from multiple dealerships. It's their job to sell off unsold vehicles as quickly as possible to reduce carrying costs.

And because of continuing soft car sales and a still recovering economy, these departments have been very busy getting slow-moving inventory out the door.

Very simply, there are some excellent deals to be had right now ... often literally thousands below invoice

They also know that their competitors are qoing to quickly quote you an outstanding price with the goal of getting a fast and easy, low-overhead sale, so there's a big incentive to quote as low a price as they can to beat them.

So, let's take a look at why this strategy works so well and has become so popular:

   Dealers are competing for your business while you sit at home and watch TV or do whatever you like.

   You've invested less than 2 minutes of your time.

   It's free and you are under absolutely no obligation of any kind.

   The prices are literally thousands below retail, usually in the range of $2,000 to $6,000 below.

   If you decide to buy, the paperwork is waiting for you and you're quickly in and out.

   Not only do you significantly cut the price, you also drastically cut both your shopping time and that dreadful pain in the butt feeling we almost all have about car shopping.

Okay, Here's Where To Do It:

My personal favorite free quote service is at due to their massive dealer participation, long-standing reputation for helping consumers in what can be a fairly shady auto industry, as well as how quickly and easily the process works there.

The dealers at Edmunds have all agreed to offer steep, no-haggle discounts right up front, just for asking. But you are under no obligation to accept the offers and are free to negotiate further as described above.

And fortunately, the whole process literally takes just a minute or two. So to get started, just head on over to

Although not totally necessary, I'd also recommend getting quotes at as well. Why? Well, the more dealers bidding for your business, the more leverage you have for a crazy price.

Also, even if there is some dealer overlap with Edmunds, the dealers will see that you are seriously shopping around, giving them even more incentive to give you a great price in order to beat their competitors.

The "Certified" dealers at are required to offer large, no-haggle discounts to anyone who contacts them through TrueCar. And again, you can negotiate further or simply be testing the waters since there is absolutely no obligation on your part.

Have fun turning the tables with this ... and let me know how you do.

All the best,


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