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2010 Mazda Miata MX-5
Features And Prices

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The Mazda Miata has long been known as a truly great roadster, certainly one of the best ever. And the 2010 Miata very ably carries on the tradition with its winning mixture of outstanding road manners, plenty of available features and affordable pricing and operating costs.

Trims, Standard Features And Options:

The 2010 Mazda MX-5 Miata convertible is offered with either a soft top or power-retractable hardtop (PRHT) and is available in three trims: Sport, Touring and Grand Touring.

2010 Mazda Miata Grand Touring

Even the base Miata Sport is decently equipped with standard features that include power windows, power mirrors, air conditioning, 16 inch alloy wheels, a black vinyl convertible top with a rear glass window, a 6-speaker audio system with a CD/MP3 player and an auxiliary input jack, a height-adjustable driver seat, cloth seats and a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

Moving up to the Miata Touring adds keyless entry, cruise control, power door locks, foglights, a front suspension tower brace, 17 inch alloy wheels, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, a leather-wrapped shift knob, a 6-disc CD changer and steering-wheel-mounted audio controls.

The top-of-the-line Miata Grand Touring then adds leather upholstery, automatic climate control, heated seats, a choice of a cloth black or beige top, interior silver design accents and a 7-speaker Bose sound system.

Most options are included in a number of packages. There's a Convenience package for the Sport that adds most of the Touring's features (included in Miatas with an automatic transmission).

There's also a Suspension package for manual transmission Touring and Grand Touring models that includes a sport-tuned suspension with Bilstein shocks and a limited-slip differential to even further enhance the Miata's athletic handling. And there's a Premium package for the Grand Touring that adds keyless ignition and entry, stability control, xenon HID headlights, satellite radio and Bluetooth.

2010 Mazda Miata Grand Touring rearview

Miatas can also be outfitted with a number of stand-alone options, depending on the model, which include an Appearance package that adds a front airdam and lower-body skirting, run-flat tires, a portable navigation system, a removable hardtop, aluminum pedals, a chrome fuel filler door, a rear spoiler and satellite radio.

Engines, Powertrain And Gas Mileage:

Powering the 2010 Miata is a 2.0 liter, four-cylinder engine that pumps out 167 horsepower (158 with the automatic transmission) and 140 pound-feet of torque. Standard on Sport models is a 5-speed manual transmission while the Touring and Grand Touring come with a 6-speed manual. All models can be outfitted with an optional 6-speed automatic with paddle shifters.

And gas mileage is also impressive coming in at 22 mpg city and 28 mpg on the highway with the 5-speed manual. Both the 6-speed manual and automatic transmission models lose just 1 mpg in city mileage while highway mileage stays the same.


Standard safety features in all 2010 Miata models include antilock disc brakes (ABS) and side airbags. In addition, the Grand Touring offers stability control is an available option.


The Miata's cabin is efficiently-designed, attractive and user-friendly. Controls, instruments and gauges are well-placed and easy to read. Build and materials quality is also high. This is, however, a small car. So while comfortable, roominess for average-sized adults is on the tight side. And taller drivers will be challenged to make the Miata a viable choice for them.

2010 Mazda Miata Grand Touring interior

Potential buyers should also be mindful that the Miata's demure dimensions means there's also a small trunk, coming in at just 5.3 cubic feet. One must pack light for weekend excursions and most golf bags will be hard pressed to fit.


Certainly one of the Miata's greatest strengths is its impressive athleticism. Driving enthusiasts will enjoy its sporty cornering, grip and overall fun-factor on those twisty back roads. The suspension and steering are exceedingly communicative and responsive.

In addition to the Miata's highly-regarded handling capabilities, its four-cylinder engine is quite fiesty and provides very quick straightline speed as well. In performance tests, the 2010 Miata with the manual transmission could go from 0 to 60 mph in a very respectable 6.9 seconds.

At the same time, and also impressive, the MX-5 Miata is a solid everyday driver around town and is quite comfortable on long trips.

How To Get The Lowest Price:

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Sport, manual: listed price: $22,810, invoice price: $21,084
Sport, automatic: listed price: $25,070, invoice price: $23,166

Touring, manual: listed price: $25,150, invoice price: $23,240
Touring, automatic: listed price: $26,250, invoice price: $24,253
Touring, manual, w/hard top: listed price: $26,850, invoice price: $24,807
Touring, automatic, w/hard top: listed price: $27,950, invoice price: $25,820

Grand Touring, manual: listed price: $26,450, invoice price: $24,400
GrandTouring, automatic: listed price: $27,510, invoice price: $25,413
Grand Touring, manual, w/hard top: listed price: $28,250, invoice price: $26,096
Grand Touring, automatic, w/hard top: listed price: $29,350, invoice price: $27,109

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