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Used Mitsubishi Galant Overview

Produced from 2004 to 2012, the most recent Mitsubishi Galant generation was initially a respectble choice for those who didn't follow the crowd. While being one of the more economical family sedans, its early V6 versions were reasonably engaging to drive. The problem was, however, that they just didn't age well. That said, they can be useful today as a cheaper alternative. But there just aren't a lot of them still on the road to chose from.

If you are able to find a low mileage one today, the V6 engines have plenty of power, the ride is smooth and controlled and the steering is fairly crisp and responsive ...the drive might even raise your eyebrows in a positive way. But again, they are just hard to find in good condition.

It's too bad because with the redesign in 2004, the interior became one of the most distinctive in its class and we just loved the nighttime blue backlighting. The Rockford Fosgate sound system is also a very good one as well. Seating is also comfortable and the roominess was increased as compared to the previous generation.

2008 Mitsubishi Galant Ralliart Sedan

The Mitsubishi Galant has been around since 1969, starting off as just a compact car, but growing into a larger mid-size. This last ninth-generation Galant came standard with 4-wheel disc brakes, keyless entry and full power accessories.

There are many Galant trims from this generation, including the DE, ES, LS, GTS, SE, Sport V6 and Ralliart (although by 2010, the model choices had been reduced to two: ES and SE). The DE and ES trims were both initially powered by a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine which produced 160 horsepower.

The LS and GTS models were equipped with a 3.8-liter V6 engine that pumped out 230 horsepower. And all Galant V6 models also come with a manual shift mode and ABS.

The GTS was initially the sportier trim of this generation. It came with a sport-tuned suspension, a special grille, a rear spoiler, leather interior and a sunroof. It also sported 17-inch alloy wheels while the rest of the Galants featured standard 16-inch steel wheels.

Over the years, there's been a number of changes to the Galant that used model shoppers should be aware of:

In 2005, all Galants added standard front-side airbags.

In 2007, Mitsubishi redesigned the Galant's exterior, both front and rear. 2007 also marked the launch of the sport-oriented Ralliart trim. The Ralliart featured a more robust 258-horsepower V6 engine coupled with a 5-speed "Sportronic" automatic. This Ralliart also came standard with traction control.

Mitsubishi Galant ES (2007)

In 2008, the Galant lineup was slimmed down a bit when the SE and GTS models were discontinued, leaving just the DE, ES and Ralliart.

For 2009, a new front grille and taillights were introduced, while there were further revisions to the trim levels which saw the base DE trim dropped and the introduction of the Sport Edition (SE) and Sport V6 models.

The Galant lineup was reduced once again down to just two models in 2010: ES and SE. Also discontinued was the V6 engine, leaving only what by then was a fairly uninspiring four-cylinder as compared to improved engines offered by its rivals over the years. In addition, stability control became standard, noise insulation was improved and the SE came with standard navigation, a back-up camera, satellite radio and a premium audio system.

For 2011, the SE gained additional standard features including a power sunroof, an auto-dimming rearview mirror and a programmable garage door opener, while some can now be found with the new leather upholstery option.

There were no changes in 2012 and it was announced that this would be its last year of production.

This production run was a strong safety performer, however. In government crash tests, the Galant earned five out of five stars for both frontal and side-impact protection for both the driver and passengers.

2002 Mitsubishi Galant

The Galant's previous eighth-generation was available for the 1999 to 2003 model years. This was the first Galant offered with a V6 version and its exterior design was favorably compared to BMW sedans. In 2002, it got a significant design refresh both outside and in. New, more upscale features added included a sunroof, Infinity sound systems and 16-inch wheels.

This Galant version, despite a small backseat and average powertrains, provided adequate transportation for those looking for a second car at a low price.

How To Get The Best Price

Well, we really don't recommend them and there's so few on the road it's not as if you can pit one dealer against another when negotiating. If you find one you like on a lot or from a private seller, just make a lowball offer because they probably are getting many.

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