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Josh Rosenberg

Public Car Auction Videos For Those Who
Want To See What They're Like

Are wholesale car auctions for you? Well, most people don't seem to know a lot about them. So, here's a collection of videos that will give you a look at the goings on. All but one of these videos are from open-to-the-public auctions (anyone can go). Perhaps they will help you determine if this is something you'd like to pursue further.

A "Pretty" Auction:

Here's a more "upscale" car auction. Trust me, however, they're not all this nice. But I thought I'd start with this one since many people seem to to have a negative image of auctions. The truth is that some are quite nice, others less so and most are somewhere in between.

And by-the-way, it seems the bidder does real well on this Jaguar.

A Not So Pretty Auction:

Here's an auction that's, of necessity, a little more demanding for all involved. Sometimes an auction house must accommodate their client in a special way. In this case, the auctioning company needed to go on site for a liquidation sale under less than perfect conditions. But it's likely the savings justified an investment in ear muffs and an extra pair of socks.

A Fairly Typical Auction:

This one is fairly standard in terms of what to expect. Nothing fancy, but it's indoors, clean and efficiently run.

A "Dealer-Only" Auction:

This is the only video here of an auction you can't go to ... well, unless you have a Dealer's license. But I thought I'd put this here as a comparision. As you might imagine, they are typically in quite nice facilities and are very fast moving.

The guy in the blue shirt and hat has the job of focusing on those bidding to make sure their bids are clearly understood and to encourage additional bids. Many public auctions have someone do this as well.

Another Fairly "Typical" Auction ... And A Song?

This auction again looks pretty typical of what to expect and is a good example of what they look like and what goes on ... although don't expect balloons for the kids at all of them, or the singing. :-)

It's actually a promo of some sort for an auction in New Hampshire. I, nevertheless, find it visually informative ... and a little bit entertaining.

Here's A Typical Auctioneer:

All auctioneers try to be fast paced and exciting. I guess the theory is, and it's a very old one, that this kind of activity gets people to bid more, although I really don't think it works. I believe it's simply "tradition", a leftover from the old-time horse and cattle auctions.

At any rate, this auctioneer is fairly standard for what you'll likely come across. He's fast and he makes a lot of noise, but it's clear where the bidding is.

Getting Approved To Actually Bid:

Here's what happens prior to an auction. You can't just raise your hand. The auction has to know who you are and approve you for bidding. This is actually a very simple process and this video runs through it. It's important to remember to get to an auction early to get signed up. This happens to be a very nice auction and actually provides a photo ID. Most issue numbers to be worn.

More Information:

Hopefully, these videos have been helpful. If taking a stab at saving money at local car auctions is something you'd like to consider, you might be interested in what I've written on the ins and outs of car auctions before taking the plunge.

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