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Josh Rosenberg By Josh Rosenberg
Updated Jan. 28, 2024

Older Nissan Rogue Review (2008 - 2020), Reliability, Possible Maintenance Problems, Overall Pros And Cons

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In today's very high-priced used car market, many shoppers are now looking for "older" models that have aged well as a way to save significant dollars.

Used Nissan Rogue (2013)

The question is, "Is the Nissan Rogue one of those models? Well, the answer to this all comes down to its track record for reliability and longevity. And unfortunately, it's been a bit spotty, primarily with models pre-2017.

While many owners have had good experiences with their Rogues, which included mostly routine maintenance, a significant number of others have reported recurring or more serious repair issues.

That said, models beginning with the 2017 and going forward have fared much better when it comes to reliability, likely making them a better choice for consideration.

So, here ...

- We'll do an overview of two older Nissan Rogue generations, specifically the first and the second, which were produced for the 2008 - 2020 model years.

- Then we'll list possible mechanical issues that have been reported by owners for each generation so they can be checked before buying one today.

- And then we'll summarize the overall pros and cons of an older Nissan Rogue worth consideration by potential buyers.

But first, and very importantly ...

Things To Do When Considering An "Older" Vehicle

Locate Lower Mileage Vehicles: They are certainly out there to be found with careful and patient shopping. Be willing to drive a distance if you have to.

Vehicle History and Maintenance: Ask for the vehicle history report (CarFax or AutoCheck) as well as documented maintenance and repair records. If not provided by the Dealer or private seller, it's usually best to move on.

Pre-Purchase Inspection: Have the vehicle independently inspected before making a final decision. This usually will cost in the $150-$200 range but is well worth it given the potentially thousands in savings over the long term.

And My #1 Price Tip: It's important to get dealers to compete for your business by using auto sites such as and (both, actually), whether looking for a new or used car. Competition among dealers for your business is what gets you a lower price, and it's very easy.

And quickly, while we're at it, my #2 Tip is to always know the up-to-date trade-in value of your current car. You can get a quick and surprisingly accurate one at Edmund's Trade-In Quotes.

It's free and just takes a couple of minutes. I think what helps its accuracy is the inputs will include either your plate# or VIN# followed by many simple, but specific, yes/no questions. It really focuses in on the detail of the specific vehicle.

Second Generation Nissan Rogue Prius (2014- 2020)

Used Nissan Rogue (2014)

This Rogue generation presented a compelling choice in the compact crossover SUV segment. Here's the highlights of its key aspects:

The Rogue's exterior design is a blend of contemporary lines and a distinctive front grille. The sleek and aerodynamic profile contributed to a modern aesthetic.

Inside, this Rogue offers a well-designed and spacious cabin. The quality of materials used in the interior, combined with a thoughtful layout, provides a comfortable and user-friendly environment.

Ample legroom and cargo space make it suitable for either families or individuals.

This version is equipped with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine paired with a CVT. While not a performance-oriented SUV, it delivers a smooth and comfortable ride, especially suited for urban and suburban driving.

There's also an all-wheel-drive version that enhances stability in various driving conditions.

One of the Rogue's strengths is its commendable fuel efficiency. The introduction of a hybrid variant further appeals to those seeking enhanced gas mileage without compromising on utility.

This Rogue incorporates a range of technology features across different trims. The infotainment system, with available touchscreen displays, provides the connectivity options.

And as the model years progressed, Nissan introduced advanced safety features, making this Rogue competitive in terms of driver assistance technology.

The availability of multiple trims, including S, SV, and SL, allows prospective buyers to choose a model that aligned with their preferences and budget. Each trim level offered a different set of features, from basic necessities to advanced technology and luxury upgrades.

2014 - 2020 Nissan Rogue Possible Mechanical Problems

The following are mechanical issues reported by owners and mechanics, which were more prevalent in the 2014 - 2016 models. However, all model years should have the following included in an insprection before buying:

CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) Issues: Some owners reported problems with the CVT, including issues with vibration, noise, or hesitation during acceleration. In some cases, there were reports of complete CVT failure, leading to costly repairs or replacements.

Radiator and Transmission Cooler Issues: A few reports indicated problems with the radiator that could lead to coolant mixing with transmission fluid, potentially causing transmission issues.

Power Steering Issues: Some owners reported issues with the power steering system, including leaks or difficulty in steering.

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Brake-related Problems: Complaints about premature brake wear or issues with the braking system were reported by a small number of owners.

Air Conditioning System Issues: Some owners experienced problems with the air conditioning system, including failures to cool or issues with the A/C compressor.

Electrical Issues: Reports of electrical problems, such as malfunctioning sensors, warning lights, or issues with the infotainment system, were mentioned by a few owners.

Suspension and Steering Components: Complaints about issues with suspension components, such as struts and shocks, as well as steering components, were reported.

Engine Oil Leaks: A small number of owners reported engine oil leaks, which may require attention to prevent further engine issues.

Faulty ABS Actuator: There were reports of ABS actuator problems affecting the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).

It's important to note that the prevalence and severity of these issues can vary among individual vehicles, and many owners did not experience any of these problems.

First Generation Nissan Rogue Prius (2008- 2013)

Used Nissan Rogue (2008)

The first Rogue immediately carved out a niche for itself in the highly competitive crossover SUV market by emphasizing its sporty design and handling agility, while still providing the fuel economy of a typical sedan.

This version is available in two trims: S and SL. Both models are equipped with pretty much the same standard features, which include full power accessories, cruise control, air conditioning, keyless entry, stability contol, antilock brakes (ABS) and side curtain airbags.

Both models are also available in either front or all-wheel drive forms.

Older Rogue shoppers should be aware that while the Rogue SL adds features such as 17-inch alloy wheels, roof rails, a trip computer, and a dual-level center console tray, most optional features can only be found on the SL. This is important for those who'd like the Rogue's very good Bose audio system or who value such features as leather upholstery or a moonroof.

This Rogue has the Nissan Sentra to thank when it comes to its nice ride quality, as it's based on the same platform. It handles the bumps and rough spots very well and remains quiet when maintaining speed.

The steering is also nicely responsive and the sporty feel is reinforced by its small steering wheel and integrated shifter (and even moreso on models with the manual shift paddles).

Powering both Rogue models is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 170 horsepower and 175 pound-feet of torque. It's mated with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) that helps the Rogue come in with some of the best fuel economy numbers in its class.

The EPA-estimated gas mileage for a front-wheel drive Rogue is 22 mpg city and 27 mpg highway. And the all-wheel drive drops only slightly to 21 mpg city and 26 mpg on the highway.

Used 2008 Nissan Rogue

This Rogue also scores solidly in terms of safety as well, having been awarded perfect five-out-of-five-star ratings for both front and rear side-impact protection in government crash testing.

It also received five stars for driver protection in front impacts and four for the front passenger.

Standard safety features include antilock disc brakes, brake assist, traction control, stability control, front-seat side airbags, full-length side curtain airbags and active front head restraints.

Top rivals you may also want to consider include the family-friendly Honda CR-V and Toyota Rav4, both of which have more storage space and a few more features. Another good rival that's similar to the Rogue is the Ford Escape.

2008 - 2013 Nissan Rogue Possible Mechanical Problems

It's important to note that the presence of problems can vary between individual vehicles, and regular maintenance plays a significant role in preventing issues.

Here are some reported mechanical problems associated with the first generation Rogue that should therefore be included in a pre-purchase inspection:

CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) Issues: Some owners reported issues with the CVT, such as unusual noise, vibration, or problems with acceleration. In some cases, owners reported complete transmission failure.

Wheel Bearing Noise: Some owners reported noise coming from the wheel bearings. Wheel bearing issues can affect the handling and stability of the vehicle and may require replacement.

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Radiator and Transmission Cooler Failure: There were reports of radiator failure leading to coolant mixing with the transmission fluid, which could cause transmission problems.

Power Steering Issues: A few owners mentioned power steering issues, such as leaks or difficulty in steering.

Suspension Components: Some owners experienced problems with suspension components, including bushings and struts. Worn suspension components can affect ride quality and handling.

Air Conditioning Problems: Complaints about air conditioning system issues, such as failure to cool or problems with the A/C compressor, were reported by some owners.

Engine Oil Leaks: A small number of owners reported engine oil leaks.

Faulty ABS Actuator: Some owners reported issues with the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) actuator, leading to ABS malfunctions.

Overall Older Nissan Rogue Pros And Cons

Older Rogue Pros

Affordability: Obviously, older Rogues are more affordable compared to newer cars, leading to potentially significant upfront cost savings.

Depreciation: Older vehicles generally experience slower depreciation than newer cars.

Proven Technology: While the technology in older models may not be as advanced as in newer cars, these older Rogues still offer essential features and has a matured and proven design.

Easier to Maintain: Older vehicles often have simpler mechanical systems, making them potentially easier and less expensive to maintain. Parts availability is also likely to be better.

Public Car Auction Database

Compact Size: The Rogue's compact size made it well-suited for urban and suburban environments. It was easy to maneuver and park, making it a practical choice for daily commuting.

Comfortable Interior: The Rogue features a well-designed and comfortable interior. The seats are supportive, and the overall cabin design is user-friendly.

Versatile Cargo Space: The cargo area is versatile, with a split-folding rear seat that allows for expanded cargo capacity when needed. This flexibility has made it convenient for transporting various types of cargo.

Smooth Ride: The Rogue offers a smooth and comfortable ride. Its suspension system was designed to absorb bumps and provide a pleasant driving experience.

Fuel Efficiency: The Rogue has been generally praised for its fuel efficiency in its class, making it an economical choice for daily commuting and road trips.

Available All-Wheel Drive: All-wheel-drive (AWD) was available as an option, providing enhanced traction and stability, particularly in adverse weather conditions.

Older Rogue Cons

Wear and Tear: Older vehicles might have more wear and tear, and certain components may require replacement or repairs more frequently, offsetting some or all of the lower upfront cost.

Outdated Technology: First-generation Rogues may lack some of the latest safety, infotainment, and convenience features found in newer models. This could be a drawback if you prioritize advanced technology.

Fuel Efficiency: While the Rogue is relatively fuel-efficient, advancements in engine technology may mean that newer models offer better fuel efficiency.

Limited Safety Features: Advanced safety features, such as collision avoidance systems and lane departure warning, may be limited or not available in some older Rogue models.

Limited Resale Value: While slower depreciation is an advantage, older models may have limited resale value when you decide to sell or trade in the vehicle.

Powertrain: Some drivers found the Rogue's acceleration to be a bit lackluster, especially when compared to some competitors in the segment. The four-cylinder engine and continuously variable transmission (CVT) were sometimes criticized for a lack of responsiveness.

Used Nissan Rogue interior (2008)

Interior Materials: While the interior design was generally praised for functionality, some critics noted that the quality of materials used in the cabin might not have been as upscale as in some competing models.

Limited Off-Road Capability: The Rogue was not designed for serious off-road adventures. While its AWD system offers improved traction, it wasn't intended for rugged off-road terrain.

Limited Towing Capacity: The towing capacity is relatively modest compared to some other SUVs in its class. This could be a drawback for those needing to tow larger loads.

No Third-Row Seating: The Rogue only had two rows of seating, limiting its passenger capacity compared to some larger compact SUVs that offered an optional third row.

Lastly, Suggestions For Getting A Low Rogue Price

First of all, here's a Lowest Price Used Car Buying Guide that details a very effective method.

Here's another method that identifies Price-Distressed Cars Right On Dealer Lots. These are vehicles they are so desperate to unload they would welcome your wholesale offer.

In addition, you can also try the Public Car Auctions in your own geographic area. This article reviews what to expect at open-to-the-public car auctions and how to locate them.

And for those of you who might be interested in a "brand new" Nissan Rogue if the price was really good, here's info on The Best Way To Buy A New Car. This works just phenomenally well.

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