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A Car Dealership General Manager
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Here's How To Get The Best Deal: Know The Dealer's Secrets

2011 Honda Civic

Okay, here's an excellent way of buying either a new or used car. The results have just been outstanding ... and it's extremely easy.

It involves having an expert guide your every move, removing all the stress, the uncertainty ... and especially ... the "getting taken advantage of" factor.

The total savings can vary from hundreds of dollars at a minimum ... to literally thousands of dollars.

But first, let's take a closer look at the problem ... then the solution.

I'm afraid that unless someone is an "insider" who works in Sales at a Car Dealership, they're really no match for what's really going on. The result is usually a car purchase at a much higher price than necessary.

This also goes for shoppers who think of themselves as "smart and informed buyers" ... and even for those who are initially convinced they got a great deal.

I just don't believe 99% of car buyers understand what's "really" going on at a car Dealership ... and they're leaving big bucks on the table they should be saving. And I mean BIG bucks.

Here's why ...

Car Dealers Faced A Big Problem:

You see, roughly in the 2000 to 2002 time frame, Dealers were taking a hit from a new breed of "smart" internet car shopper. People were using Kelley Blue Book and getting invoice prices, ratings and so forth on the internet. This was helping them get much better deals.

But, as you may well know, the car industry is BIG business. In fact, it's second only to the real estate industry. And these guys are pros. No way were they going to take this lying down.

So, by necessity, they evolved. They needed to be able to counter all this information car buyers were bringing in with them. And evolve they have.

Unless you're some kind of "insider", they can now easily handle the retail or trade-in value from Kelley Blue Book you're waving in their face. And as far as the invoice price you got from, or some other site? Piece of cake for them to prove that it's just not accurate, even though it may well be.

The wealth of information available to literally anyone on the internet raised the bar for the Dealers. And being the multi-billion dollar industry they are ... with incredible financial resources and highly paid, Madison Avenue marketing talent ... they sure weren't simply going to sit back and say ...

"Sure, we'll sell it to you for the invoice price you have there." Or, "You have Kelley Blue Book? That's fine, we'll accept that."

Of course, this just doesn't happen. There's too much money involved. They have risen to the occasion to maintain their lean, mean selling machine.

A Warning: The Dealers Have Adapted

The problem is that nomatter how "smart" or how "informed" a car buyer thinks he or she is, the Dealers are prepared to expertly counter just about everything thrown at them.

And unless you know how they are going to handle you and your "smart buying tactics", I'm afraid it's quite unlikely you'll ever get the "great deal". You may think you have as you're driving your car home, but no ... you'll probably have paid $1,000 to $3,000 more than you had to.

In fact, you may not even fully understand what you REALLY paid.

How Ready For You Are They?

2011 Ford Fusion

Just think about this for a second:

You buy a car what ... maybe once every two or three years, if that? Well, they go through this exact routine everyday ... all day. They're pros. They've seen it all, nomatter how "smart" you think you are, they've seen it hundreds and hundreds of times.

Some Things To Consider:

What do you do when they produce an invoice with a much higher price than the one you got on the internet?

What do you do when they logically and convincingly ridicule the Kelley Blue Book value you brought with you?

Do you know what "4-Square" is? And even if you do, do you know how to deal with it?

Do you know what "Dealer Cash" is, as opposed to "Holdback? And again, how do you use this information to get your price even lower?

How about the "Hit Figure? "Going For A Bump? "Using Leg? "Packed Payment? And on and on.

Even if you're one of the few who know what these things are, can you recognize them in action and keep the Dealers playing by your rules, not theirs?

If it's not one method, it's another. They've probably got close to a dozen ways to skin your cat.

Now There's Help That Counters This Problem:

Since I seem to be asking a lot of questions here, here's another: Do you think it would payoff to have a Car Dealership General Manager in your hip pocket (working FOR YOU) on your car purchase?

And I'm talking about a "General Manager". Not a salesperson. Not a Sales Manager. Not a Desk Manager.

I'm talking about the person who runs the show ... the person who leads and controls the salespeople, the managers, the finance department ... everyone. I'm talking about the most important person in the operations of the Dealership who calls all the shots and answers to no one but the owner.

A Car Dealer GM Resigned And Became A Consumer Advocate:

2011 Lexus ES 350

Yes, he was a car salesman extroadinaire. In fact, he was so good he rose to become the General Manager of a thriving Dealership. Just my opinion, but I think he wouldn't be a bad guy to have on your side.

The good news is that he's walked away from "the darkside". And he's written extensively about how Dealers counter everything smart, internet-savvy car buyers throw at them.

Even with my own years of experience in this business trying to help people save money, I have to admit I learned some good stuff as well.

My own opinion is that this is the kind of information that should save car buyers an additional $1,000 to $3,000 over what they thought was a great deal ... and truly get the absolute best deal.

He'll Also Serve As Your Personal Car Buying Coach:

When I came across his website, I immediately paid the 29 bucks ... even though part of me wondered if it might be too good to be true, despite all the testimonials. But happily, I discovered he is the real deal. He uncovers everything discussed above ... and much more.

I spent the rest of the afternoon reading the downloadable book. Couldn't put it down, in fact. I found it just loaded with all the inside info. And as I said, I was fascinated by the stuff even I didn't know.

But to me, the real kicker is being able to use him as a personal "buying coach" ... really unique. After going through all the material, he'll personally guide you through your next car purchase. You just contact him and he'll take you through the whole process. Questions along the way? Yep, just let him know.

And there's no extra charge for this (at this time). It's all part of the $29. Geez, if his personal advice saves you just $50, you already come out ahead. But what if it saves you 100 times that?

This is what I meant about having a General Manager in your hip pocket.

I've also had several conversations with him as a followup. He's very friendly, accessible, straight forward and extremely sharp. Turns out he's been doing this now for over three years. The bottom line is that I think he's providing a service people don't even realize they need ... and they end up spending much more than necessary.

And There's More:

On his website, he says you'll know more than 90% of all car buyers. Frankly, I think he's being modest. It's more like 99.9%. Much of this stuff is so deep inside the Dealership, you'd have to have plenty of experience working in one to know it.

Note:He's no longer offering this service. Please read this article on how to get the best deal on your own.

And let me know how things go for you.

Wishing you happy car hunting!


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